11 Types of Husbands Every Woman Must Know

There are different types of men in the society but these eleven types have been separated based on personality categorization and it is possible for a man to have some qualities of all the categories but one quality stands out than the others.

You can know the category your husband belongs especially from the certain things you see him manifest. This can be based on his background, upbringing, environment, temperament, level of knowledge beyond academics, experience, exposure and so on.

Here are the different categories of Men:

* Spiritual Men . A man who pays more attention to spiritual matters than other things. This man tends to be more spiritual than you are. Spiritual matters are a top priority for him.

* Food Men . Food is a top priority for this type of man. He majors in all categories of food.

* Sexual Men . His top priority in life is sex. Every Christian man has an element of sexual drive and it is because they don’t have other alternatives.

* Financial Men . This type of man loves money. He can look for money at the detriment of his family.

* Family Men . A man who pays more attention to his extended family above his nuclear family.

* Traditional Men . Men who uphold tradition more than anything else.

* Career/Business/Ministry Men . Their top priority is their career, business, or ministry.

* Friend (s) Men . This type of man place friends above family. They discuss with his friends first before the wife.

* Social Men . This type of man is the party type, always look for reasons to attend parties.

* Car freak Men . A man that loves, discusses and fantasizes about cars even though he doesn’t have one.

* Fashion Conscious Man . A man that is always concerned about his looks.

Here are Some Right Approaches to Personality Categorization in Men

-Identify the category your husband belongs

-Pray about excesses in any area.

-Apply Wisdom, always go through the area your husband has interest in the most.

-Don’t use it against him

-Discuss it with him.

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