10 Things That Can Make A Girl Literally Undateable (According To Guys)

If you are finding it hard to find a guy, then it could be that your first date nerves are getting the better of you and you are giving out some wrong messages.

Men are very quick to pass judgment on people, so make sure that you are not giving the impression that you fit one of these categories of girls, that men say are completely un-datable:

1. Too giggly and acting stupid

Some girls think that feigning stupidity will make them more attractive, but, believe us, that won’t work at all. Never try and dumb down for a guy, most won’t believe the act anyway, and it will soon get on their nerves.

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2. Falling over drunk

Have you ever noticed how fast guys run from the falling down drunken girl at a party? A couple of drinks are no problem, even getting a bit tipsy and having some fun won’t hurt. But when you can’t make it to the washrooms on your own, then you’ve just blown all your chances of a date.

3. Zero sense of humour

No one wants to date a girl who never laughs. Life is serious enough as it is without having to spend your evenings with someone who has forgotten how to smile, so lighten up, have a laugh or he’ll be gone.

4. Way too clingy

Any sign that a girl is going to be clingy will be a big, instant turn off. He’s looking for a date, not a ball and chain, so give him some freedom and let him be himself.

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5. Too serious, too soon

Undying love on the first date is unlikely and it’s also very scary for a guy. It might be a man’s ambition to settle down with kids, one day, but a girl who wants this, right from day one, is not a girl for a date.

6. Got a reputation

Most men will run a mile from a girl with a bad reputation. No one expects a pure white angel anymore, but a girl with a reputation for being too easy will find it hard to attract the right sort of guy.

7. Not being able to hold a conversation

If a girl doesn’t seem to want to talk to a guy, then he’s going to think that she’s not interested. It could just be shyness, but if making conversation is hard work,, then he’s not going to want to go out on dates with you.

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8. A tease

A bit of flirting is one thing, but an out and out tease is another. Don’t tease and then over play the hard to get act, because that will really wind a guy up.

9. Not over the ex

What’s the point in dating a girl who’s still madly, deeply in love with her ex? Not only does another guy make a boring topic of conversation, it also means that there is a good chance she will go back to her ex, so dating would be a waste of time.

10. The interrogator

Don’t turn a date into a job interview. It’s nice to find out about someone, but don’t turn it into an interrogation. Keep the conversation light and give him a chance to talk, otherwise you will definitely be put on the ‘no further action required’ list.

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