10 Telling Signs That You’re Date Your Boo For All The Wrong Reasons

There’s nothing like being in love, and if that love is returned, it’s even better. But sometimes after a while some people start sensing a sort of false tune in their relationship and can’t word it, because everything looks perfectly OK on the surface and they can’t or won’t go deeper.

Here are ten signs that hint you may not have made the best decision by dating this particular guy:

1. You’d rather prefer he took you shopping, than had physical intimacy with him

If you’re in a relationship for the money only, you might as well think twice before going on. Financial security is a legitimate need but it doesn’t make a good foundation for a romantic relationship on its own.

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2. You don’t want to meet his friends or family

No man’s an island; couples likewise. If you have no desire whatsoever to meet the people who are closest to your boo, apart from yourself, then there’s something definitely not right about your relationship.

3. You hide him from your loved ones

Are you embarrassed by him? Do you feel they won’t approve of him? While it’s not a given that your nearest and dearest will always approve of your choices in this matter, your own unwillingness to let these two parts of your life meet should sound as an alarm.

4. You can’t agree on anything

The perfect relationship does not mean complete and total agreement on every single issue. It does, however, mean agreeing on things that are important for each of you. If there is no point on which your views meet, then it’s questionable if there’s a point to the relationship.

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5. You started dating after you’ve had a tough breakup

Breakups can very often be messy affairs, leaving you emotionally exhausted and depressed. This state makes you vulnerable and you should give yourself time to heal but unfortunately that’s not how real life works. Sometimes you’re in such a desperate need of reassurance that you start a new relationship too soon and with the wrong person.

6. He jumped into this relationship with a broken heart

Maybe you were friends before, maybe he confided in you early on that he was heartbroken just before he met you. Forget romantic movies, rebound is not a good place to start a relationship. See above.

7. He’s been in love with you for years…

… and you decided to finally give him a chance. Wrong. You can’t make yourself love somebody. Respect, affection, tenderness are all very good but they don’t necessarily add up to love. Don’t force yourself.

8. You catch yourself feeling sorry for him

Whatever the reason – his looks, his paycheck, his troubled family history – feeling sorry for your boyfriend is only healthy for the relationship if it happens on a particular, relevant occasion. If you catch yourself feeling this way at random moments, it’s time to think things over.

9. You feel sorry for yourself

That’s even worse. A fulfilling relationship will make you feel happy and optimistic. If you persistently feel like you could do better than him, you don’t need any more signs to tell you that there’s something not right between you two.

10. Nobody around you fancies him

Once again, this is not a universal rule but in most cases you have a circle of friends and a family who know you sometimes better, than you know yourself, whether you like it or not. If none of these people seem to be fond of your boo, well, maybe they’re right!

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