10 Subtle Body Language Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Lying To You

Have you ever had that feeling that your boyfriend is lying, but you can’t quite put your finger on why you think that? It could be because you have picked up the little tell-tale signs in his body language that give the liar away.

Even if your boyfriend thinks that he is a good liar, and let’s face it, some guys are, here are ten ways that you can tell, through his body language, that your boyfriend is telling you fibs.

1. Watch what he does with his tongue

Some liars can’t help but lick their lips before they let go with a huge great big whopper of a lie. It’s a completely subconscious thing, so he won’t be aware he’s doing it and he won’t be able to stop himself. If he very quickly licks his lips, or sticks his tongue a short way out of his mouth, then there is every chance that you are about to hear a lie.

2. His eyes are unsettled

Next one of very common body language signs of lying is a person’s inability to look you in the face. If your boyfriend is lying, then his eyes may flick from side to side, or he may blink a lot more than usual. He’ll do anything he can, to avoid looking into your eyes, as he tells you a lie.

3. He takes long pauses between sentences

If he can’t answer a simple question without thinking about his answer first, then he is probably lying to you. He’s working out what he thinks he can get away with, and what he can make you believe.

4. His breathing might change

Understanding body language of men is not always an easy thing, and signs that a person is lying to you can be very subtle. When someone is lying, their pulse and heartbeat increase and that can make them change the way that they are breathing. Watch out for your boyfriend, when he seems to be a little out of breath when he talks to you, because that is one of the signs that he is not telling the truth at all. It’s what happens to all of us when we feel anxious, nervous, or are trying to hide something.

5. Touching his face

Here is another one of common body language signs of lying: when people lie, they touch their face, mouth and nose, without even realising it. It’s an instinctive nervous reaction that they can’t control. It’s almost as if they are subconsciously telling you that they trying very hard to hide something, or that they want to hide themselves from the truth.

6. A sudden move of the head

Someone who has been caught out and is about to lie about it will often turn their head quickly before they let loose with the fib. This usually happens right after you have asked him a direct question that he really doesn’t want to answer. He’ll look down, look away or cock his head to one side.

7. Repeating the same thing over and over again

A liar will often believe that, if he says something often enough, not only will you believe it, but so will he! He won’t be able to stop saying: “No, I didn’t, I never would, I promise that I did not do it”. In addition to repeating his denials, over and over again, he’ll also keep on trying to convince you that he would never lie to you, about anything.

8. He’ll hide the palms of his hands

Another one of body language signs of lying is when a person hides the palms of the hands. Watch what he does with his hands, because that can be a clear giveaway. He will try to hide the palms of his hands from you by putting his hands in his pockets, or placing his hands face down on a table. Holding our hands, palms up, to someone is a sign of honesty and openness, and he’s hardly going to be doing that if he’s lying!

9. His tone of voice will be different

One of the more obvious signs of a lie is the pitch of a person’s voice. If he is lying to you, then he is very likely be talking to you in a slightly different way than he usually does. He might clam up and say very little, or he might get angry and start shouting. Whichever way he goes, you will notice that the way that he is talking to you is subtly different from how he normally talks.

10. He will breathe a sigh of relief if he thinks he got away with it

When you finish asking him questions and you see him visibly relax, that is a definite sign that you have just been spun a web of lies. His shoulders may relax, he may sigh with relief and he will probably be overly nice to you too. The poor soul, just when he thought he’d got away with it!

Do you have other tips for understanding body language of men? What other body language signs of lying do you know?

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