10 Secretive Keys To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Really like a guy and want him to commit and love you already? In this article, NAIJAPARY offer 10 non-manipulative keys on how to make a guy fall in love with you.

Is there such thing as a magic formula for getting guys to fall in love with us? Absolutely there is! You probably thought it was the stuff of fairytales. Like, you needed a ruby slipper that fit your foot perfectly. However, as we’ll show in this article, it’s totally possible to bring a man under your spell without the need for ruby slippers. We know because we’ve been there. We’ve met our dream guy, and things were going smoothly. The problem was that we’d fallen in love with him, whereas he still seemed to be digging his heels. And so we did a few things that would convince him that we were the girls for him. The hardest thing about falling in love with someone is not knowing if they love us back. But you know what? Falling in love and making a commitment is hard and takes time. And guys more than women seem to have a harder time making that commitment. Sometimes, they just need a nudge in the right direction. Let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to make a guy fall in love with you.

Be The Female

Yes, you are female. But how often does he see your radiant femininity? It might seem obvious, but guys love women to be women. They want to see your femininity. They want to see your warmth, your caring and loving nature, as well as your vulnerability. At the same time, they want you to appreciate their masculinity. They want you to want them to protect you. They want to be your hero. Men tend not to be on the lookout for women who are even stronger, both mentally and physically than them. They unconsciously cast themselves in the role of the hero, and see you as someone who they can look after and cherish. So be his gal. Be a woman. Bring out your feminine traits. He’ll love that.

Take It Easy

He doesn’t want you to add stress to his life. He doesn’t want you to be angry. He doesn’t want you to come to him with baggage. He will like you more for taking things easy, for being calm, chilled and positive.

Dress Well All The Time

Enjoy dressing down now and then? Don’t mind looking a bit messy as long as you’re comfortable? It could be your fashion faux pas that are putting guys off. Guys like it when we put in the effort to dress well. They like seeing you in tight dresses that flaunt your curves, skirts that show off your legs, and chic tops that tell them you’ve got style. As humans, we’re instinctively drawn to people who look good and have made the effort to look good. Win his attention, dazzle him with your wardrobe. Don’t slack – at least not until you’ve got him under your spell.

Accept Him

What really makes a man bristle and puts him off is a woman who tries to change him. Men know they’re not perfect. They’re not the finished article, and there are things they need to change. Maybe your man has already admitted there are things about himself he wants to change. For example, a man might want to change the way he reacts to failure, or he might want to control his temper. These are behaviours that most reasonable men are willing to talk about and compromise on. But if you want to change his sense of fashion, his drinking habits, his friends, his favourite sports team, his bedroom wallpaper and so on? That’s going to annoy him. If you can accept a man’s passions and the way he is and the things he does and the quirks he has, he’s much likelier to fall in love with you.

Be Independent

He isn’t looking for a woman who clings to him all the time. He’s looking for an independent woman who can do things by herself, who has her own interests and needs her own space from time to time.

Be Kind To Others

Guys sometimes get unfairly portrayed as savages who only care about themselves, their buddies, zombies in their video games and sports. But guys have big hearts, and they love women who are kind and generous. So pay it forward. Treat other people well. Be charitable.

Be Positive

You know what can really put a guy off you? A frown. Not just one or two – but lots. Negative comments, a pessimistic outlook – all this is really unattractive to guys. If you want him to fall for you, you need to turn your frown upside down, adopt a positive outlook and – more than anything – smile! Yes! A guy really will fall in love with you if you smile more. A smile indicates good health, positivity and happiness – and men are drawn to this.

Play It Hard To Get

Guys love chasing the girl. They thrive on the competition. As such, they don’t want you to make it easy for them. That’s just boring! So, as hard as it might be for you, don’t make this easy for him. Let him chase you. If he wants you, make him work hard to get you. Don’t worry, this won’t put him off – it’ll make him more keen! Don’t be easy – be hard.

Keep Him Wondering

Following on from the previous point, it’s really important that you don’t reveal your hand too early. If you let him know you like and miss him too early, he’ll find it incredibly off-putting. Where’s the chase? The mystery? The romance? Take your time before you reveal your hand. Keep him guessing via the power of suggestion and subtle hint. Keep your cards close to your chest. Make him ask questions. He’ll love it!

Be Yourself

Lastly – just be yourself. Don’t try to fake a different persona. It won’t take him long to figure you out.

Do you have other tips on how to make a guy fall in love with you?
Stay happy!

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