10 Most Industrious Ex-Housemates Of Big Brother Naija

It is of common knowledge that the nationwide viewed and popular TV reality show, The Big Brother Naija is one of the quickest routes to cash out big time in Nigeria today.

Though that being the reality of many of those who partook of the show, it is not always the case as there are exemptions. Asides, the fame and relevance that the platform gives to them, some do not just stop but take it much further, grabbing the bull by the horn to ensure that they don’t settle for less.

Below are a few of such individuals that we see thriving so hard with hard work and commitment. And they just making our heads swell with pride for them.

1. Kloe: Abiri Oluwabusayomi, who was a housemate of the Season 3 of the reality TV show, is a true definition of hard work. Right from her days on the show, Kloe, as popularly known, made it clear that she comes from a humble background and does not intend to stay on that level. Much after the show, Kloe has gone on to establish herself at various chains in the fashion industry and is doing very well for herself. Presently, she owns a skincare product brand/collection, Beauty bar, clothing line, a fashion academy. Indeed, she has earned the name business mogul and we look forward to seeing more of her.

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Kloe BBNaija

2. Ebuka: Lawyer by profession, this BBN Season 1 ex-housemate is a winner by all ramification even though did not win the grand prize of the season. Ebuka has set such a high standard that many aspire to get to the show just to end up like him. Unfortunately, no one is yet to beat that standard. At the moment, Ebuka is a media host of many shows including the BBNaija, Men’s Corner on EbonyLife TV and Rubbin Minds on Channels TV; a model/Fashion influencer, a presenter and even a contributor on several online publications.

Ebuka BBNaija

3. Tacha: Tacha was the main rival of the Season 4 winner, Mercy, who stayed only a short while on the show. Following her eviction, she became a standard that those evicted can truly be successful without winning the grand prize. She is a model, an ambassador to many brands including Royal Hair, GetFitNg. She also owns a fashion brand and clothing line called “Titan” brand. Very recently, she took up the role of patriotic Nigerian and an advocate.

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4. Bambam: Housemate of Season 3, BamBam took hers a little step further from others being a mother of one. She is an actress, a singer, an ambassador for Interswitch, Mega Growth, others and owns a skincare products brand. She also has a logistics firm that operates within Lagos.

5. Mike: Even before his emergence on the reality show, Mike was quite successful and thriving hard abroad. He owns the first Black-owned cigar line in the United Kingdom and he’s also a professional athlete. He is a brand ambassador for Mitsubishi, one of the latest, Budweiser, DSTV Explora among others.

6. Mercy: Winner of the Season 4 show, Mercy is one of the mots successful ex-housemates and definitely one of the most hardworking that goes about not relenting on her hustle. She is a media personality, brand influencer for Mapia tea, GetFitNg, Just Furniture, Unique`motors, Hawaii among others. She is currently the CEO of a real estate company, Lambohomes.

7. Ozo: Ozo, who is almost still fresh out of the Season 5 show, is definitely making rounds as one of the most industrious with impressive knowledge across sports, IT, teaching, media, and marketing to management. Prior to the show, Ozo was a professional sports consultant. He is is an author and owns an urban-clothing line. Only a few days ago, he became the Brand Manager of Juventus Academy.

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8. Bisola: Even without much education and having a rough background, Bisola is doing so well for herself. She has struggled her way up being a media personality, actress, singer and influencer.

9. Prince: Prince is just a spec. He is an actor, singer, hairstylist. He is the latest ambassador of Guinness.

10. Ka3na: Right from her young age, Ka3na has been a hustler. This, we got to know from the horse’s mouth. She also owns a clothing brand and has gone on to start a Youtube show called “Keeping Up With The Jones” which will be coming up soon.

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